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Many authors have experienced frustration in getting their work accepted by national publishers. At Cincinnati Book Publishing, we believe in empowering authors with an entrepreneurial approach to publishing. We provide assistance with editing, art and design, print production, marketing, bookstore sales, direct mail and fulfillment, and securing funding for non-profit ventures, allowing authors to successfully and knowledgeably self-publish their work.

As a Cincinnati, Ohio firm, we partner with the best local creators that the community has to offer. With impeccable craftsmanship and affordable prices, working with local talent allows authors to create a high-quality product while also remaining heavily involved in the publishing process.

Cincinnati Book Publishing is a motivated publisher. We are willing and able to move quickly and take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace. We’ll provide prompt feedback and analysis about your manuscript. 


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Anthony Brunsman is the president with Cincinnati Book Publishing. He established record sales revenue for a local book (Great Houses of the Queen City) and won a national award for a community history video. A graduate of Miami University and Xavier University, in his off hours he enjoys reading biographies. His favorite novelist is Cormac McCarthy. Tony resides in Northern Kentucky with his wife, Mary, and their Mini Golden Doodle, Teddy.


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Sue Ann Painter is an art and urban historian whose research and writing is focused primarily upon Greater Cincinnati subjects.  She is author of The Art of Beverly Erschell (2009), Architecture in Cincinnati: Designing and Building an American City (2006), William Henry Harrison: Father of the West (2004), and Gathering Places of Greater Cincinnati (2021)—with paintings and drawings by Beverly Erschell. Painter is the founding principal of Cincinnati Book Publishing, which specializes in nonfiction titles and high-quality illustrated books for children and adults.  Painter has worked with several Ohio nonprofit organizations, including the Cincinnati Historical Society, Ohio Historical Society, Delhi Historical Society, Cincinnati Preservation Association, and Architectural Foundation of Cincinnati.  Currently, Painter is Executive Editor of Cincinnati Book Publishing. She lives in downtown Cincinnati with her husband, Judge (ret.) Mark Painter. 


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Connor Martin serves as the Marketing Manager and Assistant Editor with Cincinnati Book Publishing. His career in the book publishing industry started in 2019 when he authored the book Every Day Lessons from Everyday People. He later interned for Simon & Schuster in the Managing Editorial Department, where he worked on exciting books for authors such as Kirk Herbstreit and Kal Penn. Connor recently graduated with honors from the University of Cincinnati with degrees in Industrial Management and Classics. His favorite book genre is nonfiction, specifically biographies and leadership, and most reread titles include The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck and Tuesdays with Morrie. In his free time, Connor enjoys writing, skiing, and traveling. 


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So, your book is written. Now what? That's the scariest question.

At Cincinnati Book Publishing, we take away that fear. What we offer is not merely a pre-determined package of services, but a number of options customized to you based on your needs. Rather, we offer a range of services, including editing, design, publicity, marketing, and more! To get an in-depth understanding of our full selection of services, or to learn how to submit your work, click below!



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In this highly anticipated and fascinating book, two friends and collaborators—artist, Beverly Erschell, and urban historian/author, Sue Ann Painter—depict and discuss a selection of Greater Cincinnati buildings, public squares, and sites that have served past and present generations as communal gathering places. Gathering Places of Greater Cincinnati is a hybrid of art and history that will give readers a greater appreciation for local gathering places and Cincinnati itself. 

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Journey from Hate to Love

Footsteps explores how the social movement from hate to love, or from slavery to freedom, is a slow, arduous process. It takes commitment from individuals who care about people and want to work toward an enlightened  society. This novel will leave readers hopeful of reaching that new day.  

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Jay Middleton's The Society

The Society, the first in a series, serves as a map for the curious, and a reminder for the enlightened. From interests in Astronomy and Geometry, Jay's subsequent works will reacquaint the reader with aspects of the Trivium and Quadrivium—aspects that will be both a source of light and something of a treasure to the perceptive reader. 

Revisit the past now in search of the future in The Society—it's time.

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Mindfulness Cover.jpg

Mindfulness & The Art of Living

by Michael Wizer

Maybe you have asked yourself, "What is the purpose of life?" 

Wizer—mindfulness instructor, clinical psychologist, and practical philosopher—offers an answer: the purpose of your life is to have a good life. It's that simple, and the answer becomes even more understandable and practical with Wizer's first book, Mindfulness & The Art of Living.


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Prayer and God's Power Front Cover.jpg

Prayer & God's Power:

Diamond in the Rough

This memoir, written by Bridgette Ridgeway, follows Bridgette's drastic turnaround in her life. She went from being addicted to crack for 15 years, a prostitute, and incarcerated three separate times, to now receiving her minister's license and starting a business. And she accomplished it all through the power of God and prayer. 

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A unique book to prepare teens for early investing and a comfortable retirement

Papa's Legacy is an educational book to teach young adults why it's crucial to invest early. 

This colorful, creative book follows the story of Tereza, a recent high school graduate, and how her grandparents and parents teach her to invest just $25 a month to build a nest egg. 

You can give your child or grandchild the knowledge that isn't taught in school—the power of investing.

Johnny the Gentleman Cover.jpg

Johnny the Gentleman


A children's book to instill chivalry and good manners in kids. Perfect for parents and grandparents with these values in mind!


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Left-Behind_front cover_0424.jpg

Left Behind! follows Michael Autry's story from early beginnings in Kentucky, military service in Europe, and then a career as a police officer back near his hometown. 
After being "left behind" by the school system, Autry summoned persistence and optimism to contribute to making the world a better place. 
If you've ever felt inclined to cheer for an underdog, Left Behind! is the book for you. 


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Daniels Way.jpg

In this intimate and crucial memoir, Daniel Nardi, a young Cincinnati native, shares his personal mental health struggles. 
He added that "writing my story has made me the happiest I've ever felt since middle school. I hope readers will benefit from my experience, especially if they—or a family member—are battling ASD or severe depression."


Visit DanielsWay.Net

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Life Behind Bars.jpg
Life Behind Bars

Pull up a barstool and read some of the fascinating pieces from Cincinnati's favorite bartender!

Scott Brown's collection of twenty-five poetic stories covers his distinguished experience as a bartender in Cincinnati for over 40 years.

Bending The Arc Front Cover 9-23-2020 co
4th And Redemption

4th and Redemption tells the story of a team losing, persevering, and event-ually succeeding. This book is for anyone who has ever faced adversity and felt as if all were lost. Students, parents and coaches will gain insight into one of the USA's premier scholar/ athlete programs and learn about the human factors that determine its success. 

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Let's Learn Counting In The Kitchen

This book will engage readers, spark imagination, and teach other age-appropriate numerical concepts. Parents will have fun sharing with their children.