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So, your book is written. Now what? That's the scariest question.

At Cincinnati Book Publishing, we take away that fear. What we offer is not merely a pre-determined package of services, but a number of options customized to you based on your needs. Rather, we offer a range of services, including editing, design, publicity, marketing, and more! To get an in-depth understanding of our full selection of services, or to learn how to submit your work, click below!


What's new from CBP?

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New Releases:

Captain Donald J. Sanders’ The River takes the reader on an adventure of 65-years along the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. A riveting book featuring the natural wonders and the people who ply the mighty rivers. This hardbound, full color historically significant book preserves river boat
stories for future generations.
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Father's Day Gifts


Independence Day 




Garfield Place

Many authors have experienced frustration in getting their work accepted by national publishers. At Cincinnati Book Publishing, we believe in empowering authors with an entrepreneurial approach to publishing. We provide assistance with editing, art and design, print production, marketing, bookstore sales, direct mail and fulfillment, and securing funding for non-profit ventures, allowing authors to successfully and knowledgeably self-publish their work.

As a Cincinnati, Ohio firm, we partner with the best local creators that the community has to offer. With impeccable craftsmanship and affordable prices, working with local talent allows authors to create a high-quality product while also remaining heavily involved in the publishing process.

Cincinnati Book Publishing is a motivated publisher. We are willing and able to move quickly and take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace. We’ll provide prompt feedback and analysis about your manuscript. 


If you have a manuscript or an idea for a book, we’d like to hear about it.

Contact us by phone at 513-426-6500 or by email at



The Team

Anthony Brunsman is the president with Cincinnati Book Publishing. He established record sales revenue for a local book (Great Houses of the Queen City) and won a national award for a community history video. A graduate of Miami University and Xavier University, in his off hours he enjoys reading biographies. His favorite novelist is Cormac McCarthy. Tony resides in Northern Kentucky with his wife, Mary, and their Mini Golden Doodle, Teddy.


Direct Dial: (513) 382-4315


President and CEO

Executive Editor


Sue Ann Painter is an art and urban historian whose research and writing is focused primarily upon Greater Cincinnati subjects.  She is author of The Art of Beverly Erschell (2009), Architecture in Cincinnati: Designing and Building an American City (2006), William Henry Harrison: Father of the West (2004), and Gathering Places of Greater Cincinnati (2021)—with paintings and drawings by Beverly Erschell. Painter is the founding principal of Cincinnati Book Publishing, which specializes in nonfiction titles and high-quality illustrated books for children and adults.  Painter has worked with several Ohio nonprofit organizations, including the Cincinnati Historical Society, Ohio Historical Society, Delhi Historical Society, Cincinnati Preservation Association, and Architectural Foundation of Cincinnati.  Currently, Painter is Executive Editor of Cincinnati Book Publishing. She lives in downtown Cincinnati with her husband, Judge (ret.) Mark Painter. 


Direct Dial:   (513) 304-363





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