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Ohio Presidents Series Bundle

The Ohio Presidents Series Bundle includes "William Henry Harrison: Father of the West" by public historian and auther Sue Ann Painter, and "William Howard Taft: President and Chief Justice" by retired judge Mark P. Painter.


Author Sue Ann Painter captures William Henry Harrison's adventures from his pampered Virginia childhood to the Ohio wilderness, and on to the White House. It is the romantic story of a courageous citizen-soldier, whose contemporaries idolized him as the "Father of the West."


Judge Mark P. Painter describes how William Howard Taft is the only person to serve as both president and chief justice of the United States. He would have been content to be a judge, but his family - and history - had other ideas. When Theodore Roosevelt declined to run again in 1908, he picked Taft as his successor. With Roosevelt's support, Taft was easily elected president. Following his presidency, he served a stint as a law professor at Yale, then chosen chief justice of the supreme court, where he created a lasting legacy through his reform of the Federal judiciary.

Ohio Presidents Series Bundle

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