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The Adventures of Sharpie Kitten

Meet Sharpie Kitten, a mischievous black kitten with emerald green eyes and extraordinary intelligence who lives on a farm with his animal family and human companion. This story follows Sharpie Kitten as he is mentored by his elders, develops his own cat vocabulary of 85 different meows, learns to use the computer to research physics, and becomes a daring superhero!
Sharpie Kitten is rescued from a parking lot and introduced to his new home on the farm. The animal family, consisting of three cats and one dog, accepts him as one of their own, and the Alpha cat of the family, Purcotti, mentors Sharpie Kitten, teaching him the way of life on the farm and how to handle the dangers of nature. Sharpie Kitten then gifts his wisdom to a young orphaned deer, Leo. Lewenstein describes the exciting adventures on the farm had by the whole animal family in this wholesome, fun story.

The Adventures of Sharpie Kitten

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