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Cincinnati Book Publishing (CBP) is a full-service independent publisher, which has been providing professional publishing services to self-publishing authors and organizations  since 1991.  Anthony W. Brunsman is President and COO.  Sue Ann Painter is Vice President and Executive Editor. CBP agents see clients by appointment.  Contact Sue Ann Painter ( or Tony Brunsman (  to arrange an initial consultation. 

Our team of expert designers and printers turn out beautiful books—whether the genre is memoir, the arts, poetry, fiction, or children’s literature.  We have extensive experience and expertise with nonfiction, especially in local history subjects. 

CBP’s mission is to publish and distribute books that matter. We partner with authors and artists to produce works that enlighten, inform, and inspire. Each book is custom edited and designed by professional editors, graphic artists, and printers. Our books are carefully crafted of quality materials, and they are widely regarded as works of art. Your book should become a keepsake for present and future generations.  



(may be purchased individually or with full publishing package)


Research and Writing (Nonfiction) 

Developmental editing, dialogue, and character writing (Fiction and Historical Fiction) 

Manuscript review and editing (all genres)

Graphic design

Illustration and photography

Fact-checking, proof reading, and indexing

Print production coordination and oversight

Marketing, promotion, and distribution

Storage, sales, and fulfillment


CBP is a hybrid press, subsidized by its authors and book sponsors.  The author/sponsor retains the copyright and owns the inventory.  CBP is not a vanity press.  We have a submissions and review process to ensure that each manuscript meets standards for literary merit, accuracy, and scholarship.  (We offer developmental editing and author coaching for first drafts and meritorious manuscripts that require additional work.) 

How We Work

When your proposal is accepted for publication, we will draw up a production plan and work with you or your advisors to determine the style of the book, its size and format, and the number of copies in the first printing.  An e-book or audiobook can be published at the same time or may be scheduled to appear shortly after the print product debuts. At Cincinnati Book Publishing, we insist that each manuscript be professionally edited by our department or another qualified editor.  Authors may engage their own independent editor. CBP uses The Chicago Manual of Style for humanities, and the discipline-appropriate style for scientific and medical subjects.  CBP will seek print and production bids from our trusted suppliers and put together a proposal with varying prices based upon options in such areas as binding, color printing, and numbers in the press run.  The client selects the best option and the parties agree to a contract that includes product specifics and projected delivery date.  


All costs are borne by the author or institution.  Most of our clients are publishing for the common good and their personal satisfaction.  Many authors use the print product in their business or to promote their organizations.  Some donate a percentage or all profits from book sales to a nonprofit organization or a cause that is featured in their book.  Our goal for our clients is to help them break even on their investment. Careful advance planning, market analysis, and cost controls make this possible. 

CBP does not profit from book sales.  The author/client owns the inventory and realizes all profits from sales (less commissions to retailers).  CBP offers advice on pricing, sales best practices, sales tax obligations, storage, and fulfillment as part of our publication service.  We provide promotional and marketing assistance and advice for your book launch and six weeks thereafter.  

The largest expense in book publishing is the printing.  CBP takes special care in helping its clients make practical decisions about the number and kind of books to print. We consistently provide good value, but we will not sacrifice quality or produce a shoddy product.  Publication is a complicated process, and as publisher, our role is to serve our clients, and to save them from costly mistakes. We want clients to enjoy the process and to love the final product.

Fees and payment schedule: CBP will quote a price for publication before issuing a contract.   The quote is based upon many factors, including print timing. (Change orders and client-initiated delays can cause increases in printing costs and delivery.)  We ask for a retainer to start work.  It is applied to initial planning and editing costs.  A second payment is billed before print production, and a final payment upon book delivery. We can frequently project a cost estimate for budgeting purposes, but cannot give a binding quote without reviewing the text, art, and scope of the project.  The printing cost can be determined only after the manuscript is in design and the quantity set. 

The high-end project is typically a casebound, illustrated, full-color art book with a complex layout.  Children’s books and e-books are less costly to produce than printed chapter books.  

CBP also does developmental editing (especially for nonfiction and historical fiction writers) and line editing for clients who expect to publish a limited number of gift copies or plan to submit to a literary agent.  See the editing section below for details.  Prices available upon request and submission of a chapter sample, abstract, and manuscript word count. 


Full-Service Publishing Package

Full production includes copy editing/design/print production, ISBN, barcode, Amazon listing, and introductory promotion to booksellers and media.  CBP will develop a custom plan and offer pricing options based upon the author’s choice of format, print-binding type, and the number of print copies.


CBP Select Services 

Nothing distinguishes a professionally published book from an amateur effort so much as proper editing. At minimum, we require copyediting; it is included in the CBP Full Service Package. 

Developmental editing – A knowledgeable editor will read and appraise the entire manuscript with an eye toward making it more readable, interesting, and useful to the author’s target audience. The editor may suggest supplementing the text with information to broaden the reach of the material or to address unresolved arguments or situations.  The editor may mark redundant passages or inaccurate data.  The editor will comment upon the writing style as well as the content, citing ways to improve the manuscript through rewriting sections or sentences that are weighed down by heavy use of the passive voice or jargon.  For fiction writers, our editors will offer suggestions for character development, authentic dialogue, and accurate historical settings.  The author and editor meet in person or by telephone for a one-hour conference about suggested changes and additions.  Based upon the critique and editor’s written notes and appraisal, the author may choose to rework sections of the manuscript and resubmit it for copy editing.  

Line edits – A professional writer-editor will rewrite sentences along with copyediting. This is an intensive approach designed to improve the text while correcting punctuation and grammatical errors.  The edit is created using Word “track changes” software, so that the author may reject any line edit change. 

Copy edit – A professional editor will review the manuscript, correcting grammatical and punctuation errors.  We will highlight awkward constructions or confusing passages, inviting the author’s attention to rewrite.  This is an essential service that is required of all book-length manuscripts. 



Good cover design is an important sales tool, and the image can become your personal brand. We take great pride in the creativity and expertise of our graphic designers.  The interior text also should be attractive as well as readable.  We select one or two designers who best suit the requirements of each project, collect samples to show the author and seek bids, before assigning one to your job.  Authors are encouraged to provide photographs or concepts for cover art.  Original artwork and photographs may be used with written permission from the artists or publication. 


Print and Ebook Production

CBP will secure bids from qualified printers or digital converters to produce and distribute your ebook and print and ship your print copies.  Our experienced production managers will oversee file preparation and transmission, provide quality control, arrange for proofs, shipping, storage, and, if desired, distribution and fulfillment.   

To Submit a Manuscript or Book Proposal

CBP does not purchase a concept, proposal, or manuscript for a book project.  Each publication is sponsored by the author or organization.  Clients usually come to us with a fully developed manuscript, illustrations, and funding in place.  We can assist with development of a draft manuscript or art book by providing a writer, photographer, or artist to supply text or artwork.  And as experienced fund-raising executives, we can sometimes help identify donors for special projects. 

For a complimentary initial consultation, contact Sue Ann Painter,

To submit a manuscript or art portfolio for a particular service (editing, design, or full publication), send a digital proposal to

Please include the following in your submission:

  1. Cover letter with contact information, a brief summary of your project, expectations of CBP for its development, and completion date requirements, if any.

  2. Brief biography of the author, artist, or description of the organization or institution responsible for the content and contractual obligations.

  3. An abstract for nonfiction (the theme and argument) or synopsis (the story) for fiction.  Identify presumed target audiences.  We suggest a paragraph-length description of 100-250 words. 

  4. Sample chapter or entire manuscript in a WORD file, which has been processed through Spellcheck or Grammarly. 

  5. Digital files in jpeg or tiff of sample photographs, art, or illustrations, which would be used in the publication. (Optional)

  6. Please allow seven days for a written response to your submission. 

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