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Me, Myself, & Eyes: Life Stories of an Eyeball Mechanic by William J. Collis, MD

After a life full of learning, devotion, and caregiving to his patients, William J. Collis, M.D., retired eye surgeon, releases his autobiography, Me, Myself & Eyes: Life Stories of an Eyeball Mechanic. Collis tells an engaging story of how persistence, skill, and innovation can help a person of any means live an exciting, extraordinary, and multifaceted life.

A Kentucky native, founder of the Kentucky Eye Institute, proud supporter of idealism and living a religious life, and still a basketball dreamer, Collis is a local powerhouse. His desire to cherish and improve his home state have made him and Connie, his wife of over fifty years, well-established philanthropists here. His benevolent impulses have also taken them to exciting moments regarding medical care in poor areas of Europe and  Africa.

Dr. Collis is an eye doctor, but not an "I" doctor. As readers of this book will discover, he pays scant attention to such professional accomplishments as his pioneering and local support of several new eye treatments, or his charitable teaching of young eye surgeons. He would rather tell you about his family, friends, and former patients. Or about his love of basketball and bridge. Or about the practical jokes that he and his cast of characters have played on each other along the way. Some of the stories will make you laugh, others could make you cry, and most will reveal something about the curiosities of human nature.

After getting his bachelor's and medical degrees in Kentucky, Bill honed his skills in the metropolitan medical centers of Cleveland, Washington, D.C., Boston, and San Francisco. He could have practiced anywhere, but he and Connie finally decided to return to Kentucky and give back to Bill's native state. He became friends with such distinguished Kentuckians as William T. Young Sr., the famed businessman and philanthropist, and Cliff Hagan, one of Kentucky's all-time great basketball icons. They are among the individuals you will meet in the fun and relevant book Me, Myself & Eyes.

Me, Myself, & Eyes: Life Stories of an Eyeball Mechanic by William J. Collis, MD

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