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Life Behind Bars

Life Behind Bars by Scott Brown 


Softbound ISBN: 978-1-7355873-3-2


Life Behind Bars is a collection of twenty-five poetic stories broaching multiple topics all seasoned heavily by experience with serving drinks to those who imbibe. Scott intensely delves into relationships, mental health, morality, and all that entails the human condition. More than bar scenes, fights, and drunks (although it’s got that, too), Life Behind Bars will leave you in awe with stories and musings from Scott’s youth to adulthood that reveal how his fascinating mind works.


Scott has been a professional songwriter, children’s book author, music director, and on-air personality for WNOP radio (Jazz, Blues, Comedy and News), DJ at now-defunct Caddy’s Nightclub in Downtown Cincinnati, but he’s primarily been a bartender for 40 years, including many of Cincinnati’s infamous dive bars—Madonna’s, Murphy’s Pub, and the Edge Inn. 

Life Behind Bars

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