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Heart of a Lion | Tongue of a Snake by Matt Teaford

Heart of a Lion, Tongue of a Snake is the debut book of poetry from local author and University of Cincinnati student Matt Teaford.

"Playful, hopeful, full of wonder and possibility. The first collection of poems from a young mind. Words as puzzle pieces." -- David Mack, author of Kabuki.

He muses about many subjects, from lost innocence to first loves to the faults of consumerism, and his writing has unique characteristics that aren’t often seen in works by young authors; Teaford is committed to revolutionizing form poetry through his writing, and manages to balance contemporary themes with beautifully crafted classical structures.

This charismatic author is an active member of Beta Theta Pi, and creates an interesting juxtaposition with his interwoven identities of popular fraternity member and insightful poet. Teaford’s writing has captured the hearts and imaginations of many at the University of Cincinnati, including the university’s president.

“I see Matt’s successful completion of his first published collection of poetry as not only an individual milestone for him as a writer, but also as encouragement for all of us who see great value in the arts and humanities in an age where our society often questions their ‘worth.’” – Dr. Santa Ono, President of the University of Cincinnati

Matt Teaford’s enthusiasm for creative structure is infectious, and he pushes back against the free verse epidemic as a refreshing voice among contemporary poets. Heart of a Lion, Tongue of a Snake is proof that form poetry can be adapted for modern subjects not only effectively, but also effervescently.

Heart of a Lion | Tongue of a Snake by Matt Teaford

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