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Business Manners for Success by Marja Wade Barrett

In a day and age when civility and appropriate behavior, both socially and in the world of work, are noticeably absent, Marja’s book reminds us that proper decorum and high standards of conduct are still valuable assets to those who aspire to be successful. – Paul Smith, Site General Manager, Fidelity Investments, Covington, Ky

In “Business Manners for Success,” author Marja Barrett simply saves your life! While we are blessed with a rich diversity of cultures and habits, very few of us know how to treat all people with the proper respect and sensitivity. So, we walk on eggs and crush most of them. This great book teaches you how to glide across those eggshells without breaking one of them. This book came to me just as I’m starting a new business. I’ve been saved. – Edwin Rigaud, President, National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

Civility in the workplace? Not only does Marja Barrett tell how it’s done, but why it’s simply good business. – Laura Pulfer, author and award winning columnist.

Marja Barrett is an author, national speaker, trainer and consultant on etiquette and social skills to top businesses. She has been honored by numerous organizations including the YWCS, Administrative Management Association, the Internal Revenue Service, Central Region Federal Women’s Program, The House of Representatives, Commonwealth of Kentucky, City of Cincinnati, and the Cincinnati Enquirer as Woman of the Year recipient.

Business Manners for Success by Marja Wade Barrett

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