Dr. Fortin gives us a thought-provoking history of the Founding Fathers’ ideals and America’s promise that readers can adopt and follow. He contends that embracing the Founders’ ideal of “one for all and all for one” can teach individuals how to live more meaningfully and purposely. It is an inspiring message that Fortin has delivered to generations of students at Xavier University. As XU Professor John Fairfield points out in the Foreword, Fortin's book is “written in a joyful, hopeful, and inspirational tone. Fortin finds inspiration for happiness in the Founders’ ideals. He places those ideals at the center of what he and others call the American dream. In these troubled times, when divisions of class, race, gender, ethnicity, and partisanship threaten our tattered republic, Fortin brings hope and wisdom to the discussion.”

How the Ideals of America's Founders Lead Us to Purposeful Living


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