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Cinci Freedom: A Cow's Story by Gary F. Franke

Cinci Freedom - A Cow's Story is based on real life events that occurred in Cincinnati, Ohio, in February 2001. The author, Gary F. Franke, spent several days and nights in around Mount Storm Park pursuing Cinci with SPCA Cincinnati's Harold Dates, Specialist Todd Mnser and professional cowboy Dennis Dowers. The book was written to raise and foster animal welfare awareness with children in the community at large and emphasize SPCA Cincinnati's dedication to its mission. A percentage of the book's proceeds are donated to SPCA Cincinnati.

Cinci made her escape from Ken Meyer Meats in Camp Washington over a six-foot-high fence. She evaded capture for 11 days, ultimately earning her a Key to the City. The City of Cincinnati, the nation and various countries around the world followed Cinci's extraordinary quest for freedom. Multiple media outlets covered the events.

Through the gracious efforts of Ken Meyer and acclaimed artist Peter Max, Cinci resides peacefully at the bucolic Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York. Gary F. Franke continues to practice law and write children's stories. Harold Dates remains steadfast in his position as President and CEO of SPCA Cincinnati and Dennis Dowers is back to the rigors of his life as a professional cowboy.

Cinci Freedom: A Cow's Story by Gary F. Franke

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